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Title: Unfucktheworld
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Ivan Kliun, Untitled, 1917

there’s like a range between 50° F (10° C) to 65° F (18° C) that’s the comfort zone for me and this bullshit weather is not in that comfort zone

spent six hours of work on a project my type teacher only glanced at but it’s okay because i died inside so now i don’t have to feel anything

Sep 22nd
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I was not myself for weeks yet nobody noticed.
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untitled by Faber Franco on Flickr.


Three stages of the a Common Poppy (Papaver rhoeas):

bud, flower and fruit (capsule). The species, which grows up to 70 cm (28 in) in height, has large showy flowers which measure 50 to 100 mm (2.0 to 3.9 in). The flower stem is usually covered with coarse hairs that are held at right angles to the surface. The later capsules are hairless, obovoid in shape, and less than twice as tall as they are wide, with a stigma at least as wide as the capsule.

Poppies are soil seed bank plants which germinate when the soil is disturbed. After the extensive ground disturbance caused by the fighting in World War I, poppies bloomed in between the trench lines and no man’s lands on the Western Front. They have since become commonly used in western countries on and before Remembrance Day each year, as a symbol of remembrance.

Photograph: Alvesgaspar

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An illustration for the upcoming Mid Michigan Zine Fair (October 11 in Lansing)


Chronic stress can lead to heart disease, cancer and other health problems. A study shows it doesn’t matter if the stress comes from major life events or minor hassles. 

Best To Not Sweat The Small Stuff, Because It Could Kill You

Illustration credit: Keith Negley for NPR

(A Monday morning reminder to take a deep breath)






REMINDER: if you have a vagina and want to use Plan B as an emergency contraceptive, it loses effectiveness if you weigh more than 165 lbs (74.84 kg) and is completely ineffective for those that weight more than 176 lbs (79.83 kg) (x)

Excuse me.
Let me spread the shit out of this.

This is horrifying. And sadly true.